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Spoken by southern farmers, and northern southern farmer wannabes, this term is used to show approval of something. It is a synonym for yes, or O.K. Also can be accompanied with a fake (or authentic) southern accent.
Will you come here please?

Yeer. Give me a second.
by thomas trapp January 11, 2009
To swastikate is to draw a swastika, a Nazi symbol, in an undesirable location. Such as a notebook, forehead, W2 form.
Is that a swastika on your paper?!

Yes. My immature fascist friend swastikated that paper earlier.
by thomas trapp January 14, 2009
To heil oneself is to mimic this action that originates from the 2005 movie, "The Producers." The character portraying a very flamboyant Adolf Hitler lavishes praise upon himself when sings "Heil Myself."
I'm so great! Heil Myself!
by thomas trapp December 26, 2009
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