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okay here it goes! I hate Avril Lavignes MUSIC!! I dont hate her! Some people like that kind of music, so be it. You dont know her. The only thing you've seen of her is what you've seen on tv. She's probable a person that laughed and likes to live life just like all you fucktards! Im not defending her...im defending anyone who has been labeled as a poser before some one even knows them. Myself included. And to all of you that say Simple Plan and Blink-182 and Green Day are posers, just shut the fuck up! No one cares and you wonder why no one likes you! How come it seems to be imposible to like Blink-182 and Social Distortion or Misfits at the same time?!?! I like all those bands! Avril Lavignes music inst the best, but you have to admit its better than that lame as rap shit that i cant get a moments rest from!
Avril Lavigne is her own person. Im not particularly fond of her, but every one's entitled to their own opinion.
by thisthingfuckingsucks May 26, 2006

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