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1 definition by this guy over here

An American made truck/SUV usually with more rust than metal and still manages to somehow stay on the road. This truck is also usually driven by a white overweight male who hates anything foreign including Mexicans, Blacks, anything Japanese on the road. Items found in the trunk include rope, unidentifiable stains, some type of firearm, and occasionally a bag of lime.
The lyncher mobile is much every Ranger, S10, Bronco, F-150, Surbaban, Dakota, that fits that description. Its owners are pretty much always like this:

Jimbob: Just done got me a new Bronco with only sven inches a rust on er. Better go break er' in...

Jemedia: Well wer best ta go git them colored fokes befores them find out wha we got an trys to steal it!
by this guy over here August 08, 2007