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3 definitions by third place

1) When your manhood touches the seat man!!!!
2) When general genatalia salutes the rim.
3) An unhappy pairing of man bits and potty.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've just porcelain bridged my pork sword!! :)
by third place April 24, 2003
As everyone knows is, hypothetically, "A penis wider than it is long" - BUT does it exist??
Sophie really wants to find a Chode
by Third Place April 28, 2003
1) wusses from down south
2) people who eat fried chicken
3) people who think northerners are nice (!)
4) upside down xmas decoration
that fookin' frank, he's such a fookin' southern fairy
by third place April 24, 2003