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Someone who clearly doesn't understand that Urban Dictionary is meant to be funny, and makes entries trying really really hard to make sure everyone knows how PEACEFUL AND LOVING WICCA IS and HOW THEY AREN'T REALLY SATAN WORSHIPERS, SRSLY. This is true of course, as Wiccans worship dirt and trees rather than the devil. They also think they can perform magic.

Most Wiccans know very little about their religion. They are attracted to it because it claims to be peaceful, yet they are unaware that it's largely based on ancient Celtic religions that used to burn people alive as sacrifices. They also lack the logic to see that a billion different religions can't all be true, so it makes very little sense to borrow from a ton of them.

The Wicca religious population is made up mostly of fat women and angsty teenagers with semi-goth style and a longing for attention. Many like to go to school wearing their ceremonial robes, which are actually strictly made for formal occasions according to Wiccans who actually know stuff. They thrive on people looking at them funny, so they can chuckle to themselves about how ignorant they are or go and yell at them for being "narrow minded bigots." They're also ridiculously politically correct about themselves and will get extremely offended by just about anything (like Halloween), but won't hesitate to insult other religions like Christianity or Judaism.

In short, Wicca is a stupid fad which should die out soon enough.
"What's with that girl over there? She's fat, wears robes, looks like a goth, and is going on about magic and Edward Cullen and some horned god. She also thinks magic is spelled with a 'k'."

"Oh, that's just Margaret the Wiccan."
by thetruthsayer89 February 03, 2010

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