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A beautiful Dominican girl that doesn't know how flawless she is. Shy at first until you get to know her. After you get to know her she doesn't shut up but it's okay because she always has you dying laughing. Has a beautiful singing voice. When she sings chains are broken and lives are changed. A Dorka is a person who prefers having a few close friends as opposed to having a big group of people around her. If you have a Dorka for a girlfriend you're lucky because she is loyal and will love you with all her heart. Unless you try her. A Dorka is a bangin cook. Dorka's are very artistic when it comes to makeup and fashion. A Dorka is an amazing story teller and loves pranking people. Dorka's tend to have a lot of haters because they're so amazing. They're funny individuals that you can't live without. But watch out don't tell a Dorka who you like because she will definitely tell her boyfriend. Even if you tell her a hundred times not to. Dorka's usually go good with Mando's. Long story short a Dorka is the best thing that could ever happen to you and the best best friend you could ever have.
Girl #1: Woah is that an angel?
Girl #2: No it's just Dorka....
by theproblemwithgisthathe'sg March 05, 2013

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