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When an individual adds a large number of people as friends on Facebook in an attempt to appear more popular than they really are. This is despite the fact that they have never actually met any of the invited 'friends'.
Person 1: WTF? I just got a friend request on Facebook from some random I've never even met! Says she's someone's sister or something.
Person 2: Yeah, I know, I got one from her too, as did everyone from our school. Don't stress, she's not a stalker. It looks like she's just friend farming.

Person 1 clicks "Ignore" with a shudder
#facebook #friend #ignore #farmville #claim merchant
by TheLooseMoose January 31, 2011
Safe to swipe, or STS for short, is a phrase used to indicate to a viewer that it is safe to swipe either left or right when viewing photos on another's mobile phone.

It is considered extremely poor manners to swipe in either direction without receiving this kind of verbal clearance as one's extremely personal photos of adult relations may be unwittingly displayed to a wider audience than originally intended - and what has been seen cannot be unseen.
Person #1: Check out this pic of a rockin sunset over the desert I took yesterday.
Person #2: Awesome! Hey dude, am I safe to swipe?
Person #1: Don't you ****ing dare!
#phone #photo #mobile #cell #manners
by TheLooseMoose November 25, 2014
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