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Whats the differnce between a shiny red Corvette and a pile of dead babies?
I do not have a shiny red Corvette in my garage.
by TheD8001 April 16, 2005
Small and wealthy suburb of Boston, home to the 17th public library built in the United States. Also, boring as all hell.
Let's see if our parrents will pay for us to go see a movie or something because this town is so boring.
by TheD8001 April 16, 2005
All boys camp that sounds kinda gay but is actually wicked sweet because i dont have to shower at all the entire stay.
Dude, you smell bad. Have you been to Lawrence?
by TheD8001 April 16, 2005
Card needed on the river when you just went all in with a jack-two offsuit to try and bluff your way into winning the pot, but the other guy actually has a hand, and you need at least two pair to beat him.
Show me jacktwo! Daddy needs a Jacktwo!
by TheD8001 April 16, 2005
Insult refering to the Course Selection code for M.O.V.E., a special-ed class worth 15 credits.
Stop drooling over yourself. Your such a 6-11!
by TheD8001 April 16, 2005
An album by modest mouse that is way better than their new commerical garbage
Dude, I used to suck, but then I listened to The Lonesome Crowded West
by TheD8001 April 16, 2005
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