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Statement of the raw simplicity of a task, implying that all
it takes is hard, not necessarily intelligent, work and effort.
Made famous by Body-Builder and Youtube sensation Ronnie Coleman
Coleman, whilst attempting to lift 800 pounds with his legs:
Ain't nothing to it but to do it!
by TheBlackList January 13, 2010
When a person only feels comfortable defecating when they are in their own home.
(Note-Similar to Home Ground Advantage)
Barry:Hey man, you can shit in my toilet if you want?
Joe: No Bro, I've got to have Home Turd Advantage!
by TheBlackList January 11, 2010
1. Fictional place were nobody is happy and nothing is pleasant
2. Place where all the Sad Pies go to whinge
Brad: Awww, Sad Pie Joe is going

to Frown Town beacause I ate his Mars Bar.
by TheBlackList January 12, 2010
Food that has remained in a shared kitchen area for a certain amount of time, after which it is acceptable for anyone to eat it.
Brad: Hey Joe, someone left a Mars Bar

in the fridge over the weekend, so I ate it.
Joe: Dude, that was mine!
Brad: Sorry Dude, Community Food!
by TheBlackList January 12, 2010
When sufers experience a prolonged period of little to no
waves in a certain locale. Pun on the famous surfing video
Endless Summer.
Brad: Where the fuck are the waves dude?
Joe: I know dude, Endless Bummer!
by TheBlackList January 17, 2010
When you are reading something and you awaken to your senses half a page later, realising that you didn't take in anything you read for the last minute.
Jenny: You didn't read my e-mail, did you?
Brad: I got a bit of Absent Readerness, taking the only important bits, the beginning and the end.
by TheBlackList January 12, 2010
The strange condition where girlfriend will leave their perfectly acceptable male counterparts claiming that they'll never be as good as Edward Cullen
Brad: What happened to Joe's Girlfriend dude?
Barry: Oh Cindy, yeah, she got Twilightitis and dumped him.
Brad: Bummer, she was such a babe!
by TheBlackList January 11, 2010
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