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Most black kids at the local high school try to act hood, but if you live in Sugar Land you don;t know the definition of hood. the tall tees and baggy jorts with the $150 Jordans give away the fact that you don't live in the hood.

The rich preppy, spoiled white girls that want to get out of the bubble and away from the drama need to realize that once they are gone Sugar Land will be much more peaceful and easier for the average girl that can't afford designer jeans and four pairs of shoes a week, to live.
(snobby girl)- " I can't wait to get out of the Sugar Land"

(average guy)- "why do you say that"?

(SG)- " I can't wait to get away from my parents, live on my own and be free"

(AG)- "first of all, all college means to you is your parents will be funding your alcohol abuse, secondly YOURE AN IDIOT."
by thebead_sneed_dean it up April 30, 2009

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