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A person who works hard, is quiet, and is calm. Koreans usually are hard-working and honest, but if they are exposed to Americans at an early age, can turn into the biggest jerk you know. They are called "Poser". They own liquor stores in ghettos, smoke cigarettes, and play golf while drinking beer. They speak too loud and think that they can blow off your arm when they punch you, when in reality, they couldn't hurt a fly. The cool Korean is called "Worker". They are religious and calm, but if you get them angry, you're in big trouble.
John: Dude, that Poser Korean keeps calling me "the N word".

James: His dad owns a liquor store in that ghetto. He grew up with the word.

John: DUDE! What happened to you?

James: That cool worker Korean kept getting annoyed when I asked him for the answers, so he shoved my arms in my eye sockets.
by theaudineverDIES April 18, 2010

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