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Ive read some of the other diffinitions for this class and i really liked what i saw from thier difinitions. Emo is all about doing what you want. Its not about being over dramaticle and over emotional, thats part of it but its more about expressing what you really want to express about yourself and no more. Its most closly related to goth. But people say that they dont call themselves emo or goth or prep, etc., but by saying a true emo woudnt, arent woudnt you be contridicting your self? So an emo kid is just a label put on a list of rules that happen to not be very limited, but at the same time restrict what people think or say. If people want to really follow what these sites suggest to be emo, then dont allign your self with any social class what so ever. The only class you should be in is Your Self. So be true to yourself no matter what that means!!! I dont support being gay, but if thats you hay, run with it. I'm a christian, so i think you should follow God, but even the choice of your religion should be what you really feel like. (its not confillcting with your self if you go with christianity) EMO IS JUST A DUMB TITLE!!!
Playes the Emotional Card while still sticking with what he/she feels. emo kid
by the_saint_dante May 30, 2006

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