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1 definition by theAMERICANgamer313

1. a book in the Bible

2. The Love child of Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam, in essence America.

3. a man of great power but is unable to control it he has the same affect as a bull in a china closet.

4.A very patriotic Person

5. A Mountain Man who Drop kicks Indians off horses.

6. a man who hurts people ALL the time.

7. a manly name.

8. The main character in a song Joy to the World,

9. a good friend, a drunk, and you never can under stand a word they say

10. a frog or just a really deep voice

11. the sound people make when they talk and they are sick.
1. I read the book of Jeremiah in Church today it was totally the best.

2. What a Hero

3. Quit braking shit, your such a Jeremiah

4. wow the man is so patriotic his name must be Jeremiah

5.wow how can he even jump with all that bear fur

6.what the fuck your being such
a Jeremiah...Damn my arm hurts.

7. That guy is all kinds of man he must be named Jeremiah.

8. "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog"

9.can you ever understand that Drunk?

10. Lets Go get Some Jeremiahs, I love to fry their legs.

11.-----Damn he sounds like he has a frog in his throat
-----I know right he Sounds so Jeremiah
by theAMERICANgamer313 March 31, 2009
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