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mcfly are probably the most annoyin bunch of money grabbing wannabes exept for son of dork.
if they play their own instruments why do they play the wrong chords on unplugged guitars and still sound the same at every 'performance'?
If they admit they're pop and have 'never implied they're rock' then why did they say in an interview 'are you ready for the most rock and roll day of ur life?'
why hav they all had their done like blink 182?
why are they trying to look all serious nd emo on their albums?
why did they desecrate a perfectly good song by an amazin band?
they hav about as much musical talent as a dying cat
Table of musical talent:

1. Alice cooper + all old rock nd metal
2.new rock
3.inanimate objects
5.stupid pop bands
6.dying cats
7.1000 ft of plankton
8.100 ft of crap
9. and then there's mcfly

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