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2 definitions by the vall meister

a pan handle is simply an erect penis, nuff said.

(also known as; cock, tickle stick, pink canoe, frankfurter, meat, dogs tail, milksnake, etc. I could go on)
"wheres george, i wish he wud leave the pan handle alone"

"man thats a man of a pan handle u got there, ya would find those kind where i come from coz i'm from texas"
by the vall meister December 08, 2004
a vagina that is abundant with dry, coarse hair. (also known as brillo fanny)
"hey clemence i cant get this stuff of the pan can you get lauren in with her pan scourer!"

"geoffrey!!! get your hands off my pan scourer this instance"
by the vall meister December 08, 2004