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hardcore punk music incorperating screaming/spoken vocals. Accompanied by erratic guitar and drum beats. Lyrics tend to be dark/hateful. Genre died around late 90's. Had its climax in the late 80's early 90's. Bands such as Alesana (post-hardcore/hardcore), A Day To Remeber (hardcore/pop punk), The Devil Wears Prada (hardcore/post-hardcore), Underoath (new, post-hardcore, old, metalcore/deathcore), August Burns Red (metalcore), Asking Alexandria (shitty metalcore) are often mistaken as 'screamo' music. The proper genres for each band is listed next to each one. More examples of mistaken screamo would be: Bring me the horizon (shitty metalcore, deathcore), Entombed (Death metal), Job for a cowboy(death metal), The Analyst (death metal, deathcore) Disfiguring the Goddess (deathcore, deathmetal), I declair war (deathcore, deathmetal), Suicide Silence (deathmetal), Malodorus (deathmetal). And to also clear things up the word 'emo' means nothing and is nothing. Its a stupid word to piss off over dramatic, egotistical people. The word was made up by media and ignorant douche bags.
And as a side note: The word emo no longer harms anyone. It makes you look stupid. Especially if you yell it at someone across a college campus. screamo is dead
by the understand April 11, 2011
someone who faps everywhere, at anytime.
Person 1: what is he doing in there?
Person 2: i bet he's fapping on a rug
Person 1: oh neallllll
by the understand April 13, 2011

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