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after i fucked the skank, she had my penis butter all over her cunt
by the sperminator July 28, 2003
H1: A huge, stainless steel bodied, front-midengine, 4wd, all terrain vehicle. Designed by AM General as a military vehicle. AM General was once part of AMC. This is why Hummers and Jeeps resemble each other. AM General became independant before Chrysler bought Jeep from the bankrupt AMC.
Also, a humming blowjob that leads to orgasm.

H2: Produced by GM under license from AM General. Smaller than the H1. Not stainless steel or mid-engine, but pretty damn good off road.
A humming blowjob that does more than just get you hard, but not enough to make you cum. Lots of pleasure before fucking.

H3: Smaller than the H1 or H2, produced by GM.
A humming blow job that just gets you hard, then you move on to fucking right away.
You don't know the difference between H1, H2, and H3 ?

When Anita's on her period, she H1's me. She gives me a hummer, and I shoot in her mouth.

In the morning it's H3. A little hummer, I fuck her, we go to work.

At night it's H2, a medium length, very pleasurable hummer before a fantastic fuck.
by The Sperminator June 02, 2006
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