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when you are about to have sex with a girl and you put icy hot on your cock (after you put a condom on) twist both of her nipples at the same time and thrust your cock into her pussy causing a stinging and burnig sensation
dude my chick cheated on me and crashed my car so i gave her an angry scorpion
#angry scorpion #angry pirate #angry spiderman #sneaky castro #filth lopez
by the scorpion July 24, 2008
it is the same as the spiderman but insted of throwing your cum you slap her across the face with your cum filled hand.
mary jane told spiderman she didnt give head so he pulled out and gave her an angry spiderman... now she knows better
#spiderman #angry pirate #filthy lopez #dirty sanchez #sneaky castro
by the scorpion July 24, 2008
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