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to indescertely play with your balls and catch a quick jack
your not cool, unless you play pocket pool....while sitting in ms.davis's class and everybody is staring and she is like, hey what are you doing, and i am like look bitch i am itching my ball for gods sake, would you like to help me out....go to the office, but .....mmmm can i wash my hands first...
by the ron July 22, 2004
an easy way of saying you need a joint,a bowl,some sticky, a fatty....you just want to get high,plain and simple
Well i am on my break at work, 15 minutes for a doobie snack, breakfast of champions
by the ron July 22, 2004
a general term, thrown out when you have no idea what someone is saying or just have no reply.
jim:hey ron, what are they having for lunch in the cafeteria.
ron:hmmmm,i dont know...a big side of
"your mom".
jim:fuck you dude
ron:like i did "your mom"
by the ron August 06, 2004
to tell someone to chill out or slow their roll.
bob:i hate everybody,
bill:yo bob chill
bob: "{beating holes in the wall}," fuck yo couch
bill: just calm down dude
bob:fuck you,{takes a swing at bill}
bill: chill,,,easy bitch{knocksout bob}
by the ron July 28, 2004
A more proper way of saying i gots to crap
look man, yall hold up, i got to go drop them kids off at the pool
by the ron July 22, 2004
a so called fancier way of saying 20 inch rims
that escalade looks phat sittin on them duece zero's
by the ron July 27, 2004
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