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A rumor started in the sixties that claimed that Paul McCartney was dead. Songs such as "I'm so tired" and "Blue Jay Way" supposedly had messages in them that confirmed the rumor. Some album covers, like the original yesterday... and today cover were said to show clues that Paul was dead. People believed that an english mounty named "Billy Shears" replaced Paul after he crashed a car while looking at "lovely rita". He was supposedly burried on the greeg island of Leso. It is all an interesting story. If you are a big beatles fan or just someone with a slight interest, do a wikipedia search on paul is dead. There is a huge article on it. Remember that this is obviously a hoax started by a few fanatical beatles fans.
"Paul is dead man, miss him miss him miss him." This is found in when you play the last few seconds of the beatles song "I'm so tired" backwards.
by the real mark harper March 21, 2006

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