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1. The time of day at which there is a spike in the amount of nOObz online. Generally one will see a sharp increase of nOOb encounters around 3:45, Monday through Friday, due to the end of the school day. nOOb-thirty occurs for the better part of a whole weekend as well.

2. This can also be an expression used by a skilled gamer to let other gamers know s/he is now online.
1. Bobby: What the F**K, that is the 6th time in a row I've been killed by a grenade launcher!!!

Tommy: Bobby, check the time....

Bobby: Aww shit, it's nOOb-thirty already?

2. Hastro: Guess what bitches...it's nOOb-thirty, get ready to be pwned!!!
by the purple giraffe August 14, 2010
A practical joke played on an unsuspecting roommate executed by whacking off in a clean pair of their socks, replacing them in the drawer, and then waiting for the victim to place the "sticky boots" on their feet.
Roommate 1: What's up dude!

Roommate 2: Nothing ass clown; I'll have you know that you ruined a perfectly good pair of socks by giving me sticky boots!

Roommate 1: You're welcome!
by the purple giraffe June 22, 2010

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