3 definitions by the prophet mohammed

SLWG stands for "Stupid Little White Girl." A SLWG is a petite female of the caucasian decent. They talk in an over dramatic or completely annoying way that would make normal people feel completely and utterly ashamed of the human race. Also, Their actions dont deserve the heed of any sensible person because of thier somewhat superior and "Preppy" attitude. They are usually found in a group and rarely associate with non-slwgs.
I'm going to kill all of those SLWGs. Six foot dildo with a clit tickler.
by the prophet mohammed April 28, 2006
A body position forming a 'c' shape, with the person laying on their back with their legs and butt hanging over their head.
The priest was shocked to find his daughter mid-candlestand during mass.
by The Prophet Mohammed June 06, 2014
A person who defecates on their teacher's desk to express a sentiment of distaste towards the aforementioned teacher.
Nic's parents were alarmed to find out their child was a bonkstonker
by The Prophet Mohammed June 06, 2014

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