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An anti-opiate prescription pill used to treat withdrawals from Heroine, Oxycontin, Percocet, Lortab, Vicodin, Methadone, Morphine, or any other opiate with a high rate of dependency. Soboxone delivers an amazing high, in order to block the urge for opiate abuse and is very expensive and hard to come by. Often referred to as the best prescription drug on the market.
"God, I am having bad withdrawals. I am going to take a soboxone."
by the priest January 17, 2006
Can't sing, needs a major nose job, and is a poser..........but, one must admit she has phenominal boobs.
"ashlee simpson is fucking terrible but i would titty fuck her if she had a bag over her head and did'nt open her mouth."
by the priest February 21, 2006
A Moocherist is a person that takes advantage of social programs that include Welfare, EBT, Free Medical. College Grants, and other programs designed to help the poor. A Moocherist may have made a poor life decisions at some point in their life which opened their eyes to the vast amount of social programs the United States has to offer. Having found a free money tree in social programs they continue to manipulate the system and turn their temporary time of need into a lifelong career. Moocherist are not needy. They are easy to spot at your local supermarket. They usually wear designer clothing, carry fancy handbags, and have the newest and most expensive smartphones. After watching them use their EBT cards at the check out counter, you will find them loading their $500 worth of groceries into a newer luxury SUV. You can also find these same people at your local hospital that accepts government assistance cards. They are in the waiting room, waiting for a free appointment with YOUR doctor, playing with their new smartphone. You often overhear them complain about the wait time, as if they were going to be late for work! Moocherist family scams usually consist of a Single Mother that lives with her illegitimate Children's Father. She does not marry her "babies daddy" because his income would cut the amount of taxpayer dollars she can steal from Taxpayers. The father usually gets paid cash for any work he does do if any and he claims to live at a different address.
Did you see that Moocherist at the Jack in the Crack paying for all that food with her EBT card? How did she get one of those? That lady had a Coach purse, expensive clothes and the newest iPhone. She even drove away in a Lexus with 28" rims! I must be doing something wrong.
by The Priest August 02, 2014
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