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Punching oneself in the stomach in a crude and ineffective attempt to stave off hunger.
Ah man, I can't be fucked going to the kitchen, time for a boxers lunch.
by the oob November 27, 2004
The antonym of cheerleader; someone who leads the hecklers in a crowd; is generally distinguished by their volume and flamboyancy in comparison to the other hecklers.
That guy up there mooning the lead guitarist is the booleader.
by the oob August 12, 2006
Someone with a circumference so wide that two pieces of chalk are required to draw their outline on the pavement.
Shit, the stiff's a double chalker. Lou, get on the phone to the fire department, we aint lifting him with our backs.
by the oob April 13, 2010
The tuesday after a long weekend, which feels just as bad as a regular monday.
Make that a double expresso, it's Honorary Monday.
by the oob June 01, 2009
A common video game practice, but particularly in RPGs, where the body of a dead enemy is searched for fabulous prizes.
I'm going to have to make a second trip to finish corpse looting, one of those raiders had a fucking fatman crammed in his pocket, can't carry all this shit.
by the oob June 28, 2009
A criteria for evaluating potential flatmates. If they use the word 'youse' (the plural of you) in conversation, they have failed the test and will not be accepted as a flatmate.
You're the only one in the running so far, the peasant who showed up before you failed the youse test.
by the oob November 23, 2008
Sunshine which doesn't do shit to warm you up, found particularly in colder climates.
I'm freezing my nuts off in this unshine.
by the oob August 08, 2008

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