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A super secret society that celebrates unfortuate fat hoes whom are afflicted with a monsterous FUPA. A FUPA meaning "Fat Upper Pussy Area." There is only one true supersaturated FUPA to exist, and is thus the whorshiped god of the Brothers of the FUPA.
DAMN! That bitchs a fatter FUPA then ms hanley.
by the only brother May 20, 2007
An indie/pschedelic band from NYC. The band consists of; Will Healy (keyboard/vocals), James Burrows (lead guitar/occasional vocals), Austin Horner (guitar), Stefano Cassar (bass), and Luke Alpert (drums). They have had many hit songs such as "Modern Medicine" and "Stone Mountain."
Yo, I wish I could get as many bitches as those gangstaz from Ginger Nash.
by the only brother May 20, 2007

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