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Iron Maiden. What to say? Iron Maiden is the greatest metal band to have ever existed, ever, and there is no arguing. Steve Harris is a fucking genius songwriter, not to mention the most Godlike bassist who EVER LIVED. You could basically cut off his hands, and he'd still be better than Les Claypool. He's that good. Don't forget, Bruce Dickinson is the most amazing singer, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers are the most amazing guitarists, and Nicko McBrain is the most amazing drummer to ever set foot anywhere in space. Ever.

Iron Maiden is not to be argued with, because their mascot Eddie, who is the fucking beastliest, coolest mascot EVER, will rip your head off. They are the greatest band ever, and people that like metal, but not Iron Maiden, should have their nipples ripped off and glued to their eyeballs.
Iron Maiden's best song is either "Hallowed be thy Name", "The Trooper", "Killers", or "Rime of the Ancient Mariner".

Maybe "Aces High".

Maidenhead: Iron Maiden fuckin roxorz my soxorz.
Fuckingdouche: Iron Maiden sucks.
*Maidenhead then proceeds to rip Fuckingdouche's pubic hair out and staple it to Fuckingdouche's face.
Fuckingdouche: You've converted me... Iron Maiden is fucking amazing.
Maidenhead: Damn straight.
by the one who worships Iron Maiden February 28, 2006

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