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The thick creamy substance that explodes out of the head of the male organ, also called the penis, and into the mouth of another human species. It has the flavor of the great sandwich filling "mayonaise" or "Miracle Whip" which ever is prefered.
1. I could use some of that shmayonaise in my mouth or on my sandwich.

2. I would like a McChicken with lettuce, tomato, and Shmayonaise
by the omniscient 1 September 19, 2008
A mythical force known only to men. not to be mistaken for the "fake" ohhhhhhhh that females portray.

"in layman's terms even if you have a 14" crooked penis, a man will never succeed in his journey to give a female this false idea of sexual pleasure."

1. Shut up woman, I know that orgasm isn't real. I got mine and i want to go to sleep!!!!!
by the omniscient 1 September 19, 2008

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