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2 definitions by the oldmanpanda

N 1. someone who kicks mass amounts of ass by using his mad computer skills to alter an online game, or by making a program to further manipulate the game, and kick more massive amounts of ass.
N 2. The art of hacking
N 3. A script kiddy who is a self-proclaimed hacker, because he defines himself as a "hax0r" and speaks in "l33t"

Note: Most hackers rarely use leet, it is often a trademark of programmers who are either inexperienced, or want to be hackers. One who is haxor rarely goes by "haxor" or any other derivitave. It is a title given by another.
<sad lummox> damn that haxor using the AIM bot, damn him to hell!
<haxor> mwahahahahaha, pandas rule
by the oldmanpanda November 23, 2003
781 239
In my personal experiences, a script kiddy is one who goes around to various forums, asking how to hack, w/o any previous experience with computers.
See lamer
<ranger> damn these script kiddies always plagueing my forums!
by the oldmanpanda November 23, 2003
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