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lozeth, an amazing girl with an exceptional personality. She is the most amazing girl you will ever meet, even if she has the most unusual round face you will ever see. A lozeth is often referred to as a pie or wok-ead because of the roundness of her head, or pie eyes because a lozeths eyes are exceptionally wide and are polished every day by an expert eye elf. a lozeth can also be called a dave because a lozeths second nameis dave, and people mistake her dad for a dave. a lozeth is an amazing girl who everyone should know, although you may be scared by the amount of laughter that a lozeth can produce often resulting in a lozeth 'crying with laughter'. a lozeth is a best friend you can tell anything to, lozeths will keep secrets and will always be there for you. a lozeth is an amazing girl that you can have amazing experiences with. a lozeth may think she is a pirate resulting in her becoming to using the word ayeeeeee a lot.
hey that lozeth has really wonderful eyes
PIE EYES come here

hey did you see that lozeth
the one with the wok-ead?
yeah, she totally amazing.

lozeth: Im a pirate, ayeeeeeee
by the moose :) April 15, 2007

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