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2 definitions by the maker of words

it is a quick washing of the genitals just to make them fresh in the chance you may get action. bird bath b/c it is a small bath and b/c if you wanted to you could dip your balls in a bird bath (or the sink) and wash them. The intent is to wash away potential ball sweat which can dissuade a lady from give a bj
Werd, I will meet you at the bars, I just got to take a quick bird bath.
by the maker of words March 30, 2006
109 46
Sudafed- it relieves congestion and potentially sounds like a girls name "Sue Dafed." This is in reference to a female that makes sure that her male partner does not experience painful vasocongestion (aka "Blue Balls"). Basically, the anti-thesis of Blue Balls. Most males would consider it a good thing to meet Sudafed -She will make sure you are "relieved." Or, it could simply be a girl that you tricked into believing blue balls was an actual serious medical condition and subsequently took care of your "business."
Yeah last night was kicking, I meet me a little sudafed and I am feeling all cleared up this morning, no more congestion.
by the maker of words March 30, 2006
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