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noun; A master of manipulation. A Magician can control anyone and everyone he wants to by merely speaking to them. He knows how to read a persons' emotions by looking into their eys... once this is done, he can evaluate what has been read and determine the best way to interact with that person to get what he wants. What he wants is rarely sex, though it would be easily in his ability to obtain that. The Magician considers himself an enigmatic figure, and is devoted to studying human emotion ( i.e what causes emotion in people, and what effect it can have on them.).

This means that the Magician is adept at handling multiple partner relationships, and can usually keep said relationships going for long periods of time.
Guy 1: Dude! That guy's got.. what.. 8 different girls?
Guy 2: Yeah man! And he's kept 'em going for l7 months!
Guy 1: Shit! And none of them know ANYTHING about the others?!
Guy 2: Nah, bro. This dude is a fucking MAGICIAN.
#magician #magican #manipulator #playa #master
by The Magician August 01, 2006
A state of being. When a person who is usually intelligent, happy, and personable, is so sad that they are acting "emo". Could be described by simply calling them "emo" but this allows a noun to be used.
"I was feeling great, but then I was stricken by a wave of emotasticosity, so I sat there in the middle of the mosh pit thinking about how terrible my life is.
#emotasticosity #emo #emo-ness #emotastic #emotasticosisty
by The Magician August 12, 2006
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