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When you receive an instant message, text message, email, or wall post and reply to the sender via another electronic method.
I engaged in electronic social multitasking when George Clooney posted a question on my Facebook wall and I responded to him via instant message instead.
by the macstablishment March 22, 2010
When you get a solid fart brewed up, fart into your cupped hand and throw it into your friend's face.

While performing said action, exclaim "Ninja, vanish!!!" in a loud, possibly Asian accented voice. While your victim is blinded by your noxious gift to the face, get the hell out of there like a ninja.
As I got up from the couch, I managed to corral a solid fart into my hand and Ninja Vanish Darla, escaping before she realized what had hit her.
by the macstablishment July 05, 2011
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