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9 definitions by the macstablishment

When one uses a cell phone's text messages feature to engage in sexually arrousing discussion in a similar fashion to phone sex or cyber sex. This is most commonly employed for propinquitous-challenged individuals.
It's ashame that that fox lives so far away... I wish I could have him right now! I suppose text sex will have to do.
by The Macstablishment February 15, 2007
233 110
Squishy masturbation noises that emanate from a bedroom with an open door. This technique is often employed while other family members/friends are in close proximity. It may be because of the heightened sense of risk that this method is used.
Inspired by Mr. Hat, he decided to go Flick Style and play an open-door game of catch!
by the macstablishment August 29, 2006
45 12
He who has come a long way. He sleeps in the Hatcropolis and can also be found playing catch while using California Style
Ooh Mr. Hat! We love you!
by the macstablishment August 30, 2006
47 17
The location where Mr. Hat sleeps and plays catch California Style, amongst other various activities.
I see you are ready for bed, will you be retiring to the Hatcropolis?
by the macstablishment August 30, 2006
33 11
While in the midst of masturbation, using either California Style or Flick Style, one will attempt to play ejaculation catch. During the "moment of bliss" all semen is caught/attempted to be caught in one fell swoop of the hand.
When Mr. Hat returned from the bars, he retired to the Hatcropolis and proceeded to play a game of catch.
by the macstablishment August 30, 2006
89 78
The most delicious sushi in the Silicon Valley. Home of the RSM Roll.
"We have money to blow.. where should we go?"
"Why, to Michi Sushi of course."
by the macstablishment December 19, 2006
20 10
A sexually promiscuous woman who akin to a taco, gets filled out with meat and cream on a regular basis.
Mr. Hat is always on the prowl for those DTC Taco Shells.
by The Macstablishment May 04, 2008
10 8