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Batman's most secret weapon.
"Holy logjams, Batman! However will we pacify this raging bitch?"
"Simple, Robin, I'll just hit her face with my Batcum!"
by the letter d August 26, 2007
A very little-known Z-budget feminist horror movie. Was given a limited VHS release following the director's suicide and was never released on DVD. Its trademarks include its extremely likeable cast, its brilliant and high-energy soundtrack, and its over-the-top camp elements. Extremely enjoyable if you are lucky enough to somehow find a copy.
Customer A: What do you mean you don't carry Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls?
Clerk: We carry Blood Orgy of the She-Devils....
Customer B: I bought a copy on eBay for $22....
by the letter d August 08, 2007
Fuck him.

Not to be confused with the homonym "fuck 'em," which means "fuck them."

He doesn't know how to use apostrophes? Fuck 'im.
by the letter d December 15, 2007
What Italian people say when they're thinking of what to say.
"Nice day, isn't it Tony?"
"I guess so, Anthony."
"That's a spicy meatball-a!"
by the letter d September 13, 2007
Definition 1: an ideal situation

Definition 2: a lamentable situation
1. "There was blood from every orifice!"

2. "There was blood from every orifice."
by the letter d September 12, 2007
Coined by filmmaker Chris Seaver, "gashtastic" is a portmanteau of "gash" (slang for vagina) and "fantastic."
This party tonight is gonna be gashtastic!
by the letter d August 05, 2007
(adj) amazing in a way that involves sodomy
"Say, I really had a sodomazing time tonight."
"Me too. Thanks for buying me dinner first!"
by the letter d August 26, 2007

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