103 definitions by the letter D

Definition 1: an ideal situation

Definition 2: a lamentable situation
1. "There was blood from every orifice!"

2. "There was blood from every orifice."
by the letter d September 12, 2007
Coined by filmmaker Chris Seaver, "gashtastic" is a portmanteau of "gash" (slang for vagina) and "fantastic."
This party tonight is gonna be gashtastic!
by the letter d August 05, 2007
Fuck him.

Not to be confused with the homonym "fuck 'em," which means "fuck them."

He doesn't know how to use apostrophes? Fuck 'im.
by the letter d December 15, 2007
A DJing technique in which the DJ will cut into and out of the music not by using the fader but by literally lifting the needle up off the record and putting it back down.

Impressive visually and very difficult to do accurately, but doesn't serve any auditory purpose (unless the DJ doesn't have a fader in the first place).
"DJ Craze does a pretty good needle drop."
by the letter d November 12, 2007
A variation on the boardgame in which, in addition to figuring out how the victim was killed, you must also determine what sexual acts happened to their body after the murder. It is only for adults because it is very difficult and requires several higher-level cognitive skills.
"I believe Mr. Plum removed Colonel Mustard's eye sockets with the candlestick, skullfucked him for twenty minutes, slit his throat open with the edge of the revolver, and thrust himself into the esophagus."
"Wrong, it was the trachea."
"Adult Clue is so hard."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
A mythical creature whose entire face is one huge vulva and vagina. Vaginophus is said to reside in heavily wooded areas, stalking its prey with a throbbing intensity.
"I can't tell if I just gave vaginophus a facial or a creampie."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
A generic exclamatory usually given in reaction to an event that causes a combination of consternation and outrage.
"I sold your bicycle for five dollars."
"What the flippin' fuck???"
by the letter d August 08, 2007

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