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6 definitions by the leg-shavers

a stuffy person that has very hairy knees
Whoa, she missed a spot, and it's kinda obvious! What a vancoupicoup!
by The Leg-shavers May 04, 2004
8 3
a fruit that sparkles
this is a googlasipa!
by the leg-shavers May 24, 2004
7 4
a person with serious brain damage concerning academics, social life, and fashion (including hair!!!)
A girl at our school is a yagata!
by the leg-shavers May 19, 2004
3 1
a lurky person whose sexuality is questionable
The guy at the pizza place is a tribledibop!!! AAAHHH! He asked me where I got my mani.
by the leg-shavers May 19, 2004
3 1
a fun word to say
Schploobibop! Cool!
by the leg-shavers May 07, 2004
5 3
a morsel that melts underneath your tongue in China
Oh, this imported chocolate is a sked!
by the leg-shavers May 19, 2004
5 10