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A state in the WESTERN states, I dont know where all this deep south shit comes from. Look, the only reason Texas joined the confederacy is because most of the states population was based in east texas (which thinks it is the south) in fact Sam Houston never warned against joining the confedracy. I am disgusted that even my fellow Texan would call himself a ignorant southern when he/she hails from the old west. The southern stereotype is mainly because we have shitty politics, and we have a large amount of the horrid " southern babtists" that migrated from the south, who really arnt the christians the claim to be. For those of you not from this state you have probably bought in to the southern myth so let me give you the strait up facts of why we must join the western US.

most of our state is desert

we do not hail to the southeast rather we are a self dependent western nation at heart

most of the state is hispanic much like NewMex and Arizona

most texans would rather refer to themselves "cowboys" than "rebels"
I used to think texas was the south until I went to west Texas and all I saw was occotillo, roadrunners, oil drigs, cowboys

THe old west is alive and well in Texas

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