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faggot assed gang stalker, faggoty little whore boys that think they can disrupt real life...faggoty whorish niggerspics....human pieces of trash that need to die and be shot in the back of the head
'yo yo yo, der's dis like, dude we should like, fuck wit* blam blam blam blam bitch, die, bitch*.*straight up the ass, you fucking whores* you should have never lived, you should be shot in the back of the head, die, bitch, thats what this example is meant to be, you stupid fucking pieces of shit. die, whores. That's 'Gang Stalking' for ya. silly whores that think being a 'gang stalker' is fun. there's a good way to deal with such faggots. A shotgun to the face, or a a good solid beatdown. fuckin punkass rat-like cowards. lol. aw no, lets make fun of this guy and be a gang stalking unit vs this guy; ok. i catch you trying that shit and i'll fuckin rape your ass and send you back to your dirty country of origin, you dity assed nigger spic whores, then shoot you in the back of the head, you fucking niggerspic whores
by the killer of gang stalkers March 13, 2009

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