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trait to like 1.2 % of Americans. If your shy in anyway you are considered an alien from outerspace, which is really fucking ridiculous since the trends of current America would make anyone shy. Most people in this country are loud and overly extroverted. Girls are too hard on shy guys. Girls shouldn't care if a guy is shy. When a girl is shy it's cool and when a guy is shy it's considered really uncool that's dumb as shit.
Joe: Hey Jack how come you don't have a girlfriend?
Jack: I'm too shy the girls don't like me
Joe: just be a loud cocky person who is overconfident and who listens to bad music and socialize with the dumbest people that'll get you girls dude.
by the kid from San Francisco June 22, 2006
a 1996 film Directed by Todd Slondz about an unhappy New Jersey suburban Jewish chick. She is the kind of ugly girl who would be pretty if she attempted to use those products girls are always using to look good. Everyone at her middle-school gives her a hard time. Her name is Dawn. Dawn ends up befriending a bully named Brendan. Brendan is pure trailer trash. He calls dawn A Cunt. Dawn deals with everything well. Great movie you should watch it.
Welcome to the dollhouse portrays the epitome of suburban hell
by the kid from San Francisco July 06, 2006
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