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Another slang word for cool, sweet, steller, down, excellent, legit.
"dude that car is so kib!"
"you are the kibbiest boy i have ever met"
"how are you,' well im straigh kibby!"
by the kibbiest June 23, 2009
frothy (v.)
to be frothy in simple terms is to layer on the flirt a little too much.
everyone likes a little bit of froth every now and again but after a while it takes away from the overall drink if it is too much froth.

also may be used in a positive light for something being cool.

frothy (v.)
to be frothy in a good way is just to be a cool person.
question: did you go on a second date with that guy??
answer: No, he was way too frothy.
reply: oh, ew.
by the kibbiest June 24, 2009
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