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an alchopoop usually occurs the morning after a night of heavy drinking involving alchohol. it is generally watery in consistancy, of a foul and punjent odour and can cause a painfull burning sensation as it passes. however passing an alchopoop can eleviate the symptoms of a hang over
my ring is flaming after that alchopoop, i shoudl have laid off the sambucha last night
by The Irish Skipper May 06, 2009
when one places some sort of soup or stock making medium in the shower head of another persons shower for a practical joke. when the person who owns the shower turns on the shower it spews soup or stock depending on the ingredient. both bouillion and stock cubes can be used aswell as cup of soups of unused packets of supernoodle/ramen noodle powder.
man i just soup showered johnny ferrier and he caught a rash afterwards
by The Irish Skipper May 06, 2009
a word used primarily by glaswegian and irish sailors to refer the city of Singapore, usually in reference to the prevalence of brothels and prostitues therein.
our ship's next port of call will be slingawhore, i'm glad cuase i'm really horny!
by The Irish Skipper May 06, 2009
a girl with no equal, halfway between biker slut and gothic princess, she moves with the grace of an angel even with a pint in her hand. fond of raping men but behing the ice queen lies a heart as fiery as the sun.
have you met emma
yea she's pretty hot
by The Irish Skipper February 10, 2010

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