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to stick ones thumbn in another persons ass hwhile they aren't expecting it. this is commonly known as checking the oil!
once on has checked the oil it is prpoper to charge them fo rthe service with the credit card.
hey man why did you just stick your thumb up my pooper?
"yeah your oil is a little low "
by the guy rules April 21, 2005
any vehicle that has a trubo in it, or any body who puts a turbo in a vehicle. the vehicle thenm nbecomes "turbo charged glory" it is a noun verb and an adjective all in one.
1.,skip: wow that was afast how come you totally smoked all those honda assholes in body kits and muffler tips
Sean: turbo charged glory son!

2."hey your car what does it have under the hood?
"turbo charged glory!"
by the guy rules April 21, 2005
to do something so mean it results in you gaining a dark side point. once you have enough darkside points you become evil.
a saying used to describe something bad happening.
1. you just cut off the guy in the schoool bus full of nuns "darkside point"
2. you just ronbbed a blind person-darkside point
3.darkside point-son!
by the guy rules April 21, 2005
to get so angry that one starts spluttering words as there face turns red. the urge to kill takes over all bodily impulses.
from the word angry and the latin word fied which means being to be angry .
watch out he is angrified!.
don't make me angrified!
i am soo anfrified right now "blumm fughh derrtt"
by the guy rules April 20, 2005
pronounced (won-zee) one-ze or onezes(won-zes)
a one piece suit usually pajamas, but can also mean bathrooms where there are toilets but no dividers,
used to describe any thing of that is one by itelf
plural is oneze or onezes
hey nice pajamas is that a oneze?
"man i have to piss so bad" but i don't pee in onezes bathrooms that is unsanitary.
by the guy rules May 05, 2005
Fuck Face Chris, any person who moves on on a girlfriend before the boyfriend has time to try to win her back. most ffc's strike in within 6 days of seperation.this is uncool and a total breaking of the rules of being a guy. the fc loses all rights ot a name and is for always refered as ffc. "hey guess what ffc did?"
"hey that guy just ffc'd you. or hey you look emotional and vunderable let me sooth your tears with my pretty face and big penis regardless of teh fact your boyfriend is a friend/aquantiance of mine.
that guy is a ffc. he just moved on on your ex with out your consent kick his ass!
by the guy rules April 19, 2005
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