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a very dangerous tactical air-soft soldier, deadly with his weapon on numerous battlefields, such as backyards, wooded areas, and even playgrounds. Yes, that's right playgrounds. These lone assassins are known for their high tech weaponry, and very in-depth game planning. Sometimes, a tas master will create a secret map to help him annihilate young pubescent boys out on the field of war. These man are trained to kill without mercy. Beware!!!
Lurking in the depths of a basement, 20 year old Stephen, a tas master greater than all, hopes to one day find very young children to play him, because no one his age would dare step onto the battlefield opposite him.
by the glazed brownie master November 19, 2009
a very special individual with special learning abilities, whose bowel problems and lush behavior prevent him/her from normal activity.
After a night of binge drinking the special weaver was forced to sleep in the garage, and then scolded for trying to scale the chimney.

A special weaver attempted to fart, but instead stained his pants with an obtuse amount of ass fluid.
by the glazed brownie master November 19, 2009
when one family member sells a certain product to another family member for a cheaper price than the product is actually worth
Stephen who was in dire need of some medication to help assist his special scholastic needs, and i mean special scholastic needs, decided to seek out his family member Matthew for a very special family discount. Upon meeting up with Matthew, Stephen was able to purchase 5 dollar pills for a whopping discount of 1 dollar, due to the fact that this was a family transaction and a result of the family discount. Unfortunately the pills were unable to assist special Stephen for his special academic needs.
by the glazed brownie master April 27, 2010

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