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1 definition by the future of maret

Maret: a school focusing on acedemics, full of incredibly well-rounded, intellectual and talented students who will succeed in life. This is unlike schools like Landon where students cheat on tests. It is also not all boys like STA or not all girls like (NCS) which helps make the kids more ready for society. Even though our mascot isnt great it eats grasshoppers and isnt as weird as quakers. We also take pride in not smoking as much weed as GDS or Field. We are also not a perverted school like Landon.
maret kid:i go to maret
landon kid: look at this new porn, mabye i can find some way to hide my answers in it and bring it to the STA's
STA kid:wats it like to be around girls all day, i dont know, ahhhhhhhh im scared
NCS girl:boys, look boys oooooo boys, i cant get any work done cause im lookin at boys
gds kid (stoned):the bug goes hop, hop
Sidwell kid:lets fight cause we r quakers
Field kid (stoned):man that weed the gds kid sold me was awesome dude
by the future of maret May 01, 2005