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as stated above, refers to a woman getting fucked by a donkey, often performed for the pleasure of refined gentleman.

one variation (specifically found in tijuana) is a competition in which different whores fuck the donkey. the depth to which they are penetrated is marked by tying a red ribbon (a la tony orlando and dawn) 'round the donkey's cock. the girl who takes it the deepest wins (i guess?).
person: what's that gold medal for?

whore: i won first prize at the tijuana donkey show.
by the fishy April 30, 2005
hunter s. thompson, the doctor of gonzo journalism
hst's most famous work is fear and loathing in las vegas.
by the fishy May 05, 2005
an alternative menstrual product - a small natural gum rubber cup worn internally to catch the menses. since it's only a receptacle, there's no chance of toxic shock; it can hold 1 fluid ounce (most women only bleed 2-4 oz total over the course of their period); it can be worn up to 12 hours; it lasts 10 years. it rules.
fuck tampons - i use the keeper, bitches.
by the fishy April 30, 2005
the sound of a flaccid penis.
if two penises were to have a conversation . . .

penis 1: wappity wappity.
penis 2: wappity wap-wappity wap.
by the fishy April 30, 2005
merrill. cursed by her parents with a name containing the two letters she cannot pronounce due to a serious speech impediment.
hewwo, my name is mewwiww.
by the fishy April 30, 2005
1. the bush administration

2. "democracy" frequently used as a euphemism, along with "liberty" and "freedom"
hey, the patriot act is awesome! woo fascism!
by the fishy April 30, 2005
a friend in need's a friend indeed.
a friend with weed is better.
a friend with breasts and all the rest.
a friend who's dressed in leather.
who's your best friend?

that dominatrix with the big titties smokin' a blunt and beggin' me to fuck her.
by the fishy May 01, 2005
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