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I know youv heard it before but it is extremely true: preppy is not about what u wear it is about the lifestyle. Most preps are born preppy into a preppy family. the most preppy is “waspy” families (white anglo-saxon protestant), followed behind by catholics and jews, although i have seen many black, hispanic, asian etc preps too.
-PREPPY CLOTHING: Preppy stores are mainly the ones you can find in nordstrom or bloomingdales: lacoste, ralph lauren, and many others. North Faces are the newest jackets for preps, and abercrombie could be considered the "neo-prep" by some, but dont overbuy abercrombie. Hollister and Aeropostale is not preppy, but preps can own clothes from there. American Eagle can be preppy, but as abercrombie dont overbuy. For males, polos are a must, in many colors. Khakis, rope belts and bracelets, sandals, sweaters or north face fleeces, etc. Girls have a larger variety, included polos as well, tanks, khakis, fitting sweaters, ribbons, rope belts, sandals etc ( beleive me there are a LOT more)
-PREPPY AREAS: Most preps live in the northeast, but many can be found in California. Westchester, NY; Greenwich, CT, etc are places where many preps can be found. Most attend prep or boarding schools, yet many attend suburban public schools. They do well in school, which runs in their family, and go off to similar colleges as their parents, primarily ivy league
-PREPPY CARS: Preppy cars are important for they are the first impression in many cases. Preppy families should have at least three cars: An SUV, a sedan, and a sports car. Mercedes, BMW, Lexus ect make great SUVs and sedans, as well as sports cars. But for sports cars, its necessary to think out of the box. Porsches are popular for preps
-PREPPY ATTITUDE AND OVERALL LIFESTYLE: Preps have many friends but may not be the most popular in their school. They are not stuck up and find no need to brag, people already know they are rich. Prep dads are business executives and real estate investors. Mothers are usually working mothers, either involved in their husbands business or successful on their own (for example successful lawyers). They are NOT stuck up, as their children, but they enjoy to spend time with families similar to theirs. They are not unaware of their children's lives, yet they dont need to be too involved because their children are doing fine on their own.
-PREPPY SPORTS AND ACTIVITES: Preps play sports they can play their entire lives, tennis and golf at their country clubs with their family and family friends, as well as lacrosse or soccer at their schools. Girls can be cheerleaders, but its not necessary
-PREPPY PETS: Preps do NOT have small ugly dogs that they carry around with them. Usually preps hav medium sized white dogs (such as bichons or poodles) or large, dark furred dogs with their heads high (such as Great Danes).
-PREPPY HOMES: Preps live in large houses, with European style exteriors and neo-classic, antique interiors. They also have other houses, such as winter homes in the mountains or summer homes. Florida condos are a popular vacation spots for preps. Winter is spent skiing, in Colorado and the Alps; Spring break is spent in the Hamptons, or Florida, or other vacation spots. Summer is spent in Europe and at the country club. Family trips dominate parent trips (usually to vineyards) but they are popular too.
Overall, preps are the ideal person, in the ideal family and the ideal school. They are moderately rich, and will be rich when they grow up. Many have "old money", but still some dont. They have an attitude that is NOT stuck up, yet still hav an air of importance. Preppy Brand names, country clubs, and trips to preppy vacation spots are important. And ultimately bragging is unnecessary, if you really are preppy and rich, people will know.
Preppy Mother: come, son, your dad's out in the mercedes ready to go play golf at the club and he wants you to join us!
by the drex April 22, 2007

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