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A roasted or grilled fart.

Commonly used in the plural form, pedos asados, to describe a foul odor. Translated from the Spanish.
Damn, it smells like pedos asados in here!

Beware the pedo asado, it's extra stinky.
by the dirty circuit August 13, 2011
Peter Nguyen's official nickname.

See also fotch.
You'ze a Deeeeiirty Fotch!!
by the dirty circuit April 21, 2005
1. Same as shitooze, but in a smaller quantity.

2. Plural form can be used as an exclamation.
1. After much effort on the john, only a shitoozle was found.

2. Shitoozles!
by the dirty circuit December 19, 2007
shit + ooze = shitooze

Synonymous to bullshit.

Pronounced "shih-tooz"
I've had enough of your shitooze.
by the dirty circuit December 19, 2007

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