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4 definitions by the daz man

Dont want to be blasformas? dont say oh my god say OH MY BUDDHA
OMB paul is such a retard(a pile of sticks)
by The Daz Man October 21, 2003
This saying is used by the whole of New Zealand to hassle a guy named Paul Sanson who has really big ears
HA that guy has really big ears LIKEPAUL
by the Daz man August 15, 2003
all you homies better sign up to the leftside and gives us sum repect. Leftside is gona own u homies. we got sum made rappers like 50 cent, snoop and p diddy punk slap! respect
dont be dissin the leftside G
by The Daz Man October 21, 2003
another less offensive word for c**t
ur a f**king chunt
by the daz man March 24, 2004