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1.) n. The act of having your brain twisted into a rather complex pretzel, by a substance such as marijuana, mixed alcoholic beverages (i.e; jungle juice, drank, purple drank, sizzurp, lean, dirty bong water), or a combination of the two. Monkey dunking is caused by a lack of tolerance and readiness for alcoholic beverages, or marijuana. Warning, this may be caused by very high quality marijuana, not some downtown poopy brown weed.

2.)n. Refers to the act of being slammed in on the ground by an opponent, while in the cobra clutch, and said person landing on top of you as they fall.

3.)n. Being incoherent, with little to no motor skill function, due to consuming a large quantity of marijuana or other mind altering substance.
A.) Wow B(DJRuthless), look that girl Kayla over there just got monkey dunked! She definitely shouldn't have smoked weed with those guys, it's just too strong for her.

B.) Holy shit, did you see that 300lb man pick that guy up in the cobra clutch, and slam his face off the rug, he definitely is going to feel that monkey dunk tomorrow.

C.) Look at that silly goosehead on the couch, he can't even keep his eyes open. That og mudbone guy must have monkey dunked him with that high quality herb again.
by The Dangler December 09, 2012
Often occurs when you use words to describe an activity on a web forum, one whose users typically relate better to photos.

By posting, you have "gotten it (the topic) off of your chest," so to speak. However, other, perhaps, less intelligent forum users - accustomed to photos, instead of words - express their discontent, causing you to feel an obligaton to edit the post, include photos and undergo all the work that might entail
I have a photo debt running on the car forum I use. I described my work on three different car projects, but the wording was too complicated for most of the forum users to grasp and they told me so. Therefore, if I wish to stay in the good graces of the forum, I am in a "photo debt" to them until I provide photos of the projects I described
by the dangler June 04, 2007
Cater Casting occurs when a film is cast with too many recognizable stars - say as with Ocean's 11, 12, and now 13.

Look at any billboard for Ocean's 13. Who do you see? The stars, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Al Pacino, Don Cheadle, Berney Mac? Nah. With so many stars in the film, each individual's "star power" is diminished and you start to see what looks like the catering crew at any 4-5 star Hotel in Los Angeles.
The film, Ocean's 13, is an example of Cater Casting.
by the dangler June 04, 2007

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