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if youve ever seen hentai then you will be put into one of 3 groups

1)lovers are the ones who basically love hentai, i dont think their is anything wrong with it, as long as they dont take it waaaaay too seriously

2)loathers, lovers worst nightmare, go round saying nerds jack off over this and that real women are better, this may be obviously true but i dont criticise peoples beliefs

3)ah, my group. laughers are the guys who see it and just start laughing at it, not hating it, but not loving it either, these are the guys who play games like franks adventure and those damn simgirl games just forthe hell of completing it before their friend (who happens to be a lover)

overall there is nothing wrong with it, as long as they keep it clean, when they show little children and women getting done by slimy tenticles, thats VERY wrong! love it or loathe it though, its here to stay.
1)oh man she is total hottnes and i love that green hair, im going the bathroom for the next 15-30 minutes

2)oh man, your are so sick jacking off to your cartoons. get a life you geek. get some real porn!

3)lover:hey, check this picture out
loather:oh you sad bastard!
laugher:OH MY GOD! HAHAHAHAHA! i never knew women could do that man, dude! sick!
by the critical dude January 05, 2004
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