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1. The freshest since 1953
2. The brown slime oozing from the asshole to the flesh between the genitalia and the asshole known as the taint after anal sex hence the name "TAINT COLA"
3. last but not least a very popular video using a 50s theme telling about how to have anal sex with your girlfriend basically saying that if all else fails knock her out and you can do whatever you want
hey buddy pass me a taint cola
mmmm mmm only the freshest taint since 1953
why so glumm I bet I know You want to have anal sex
"Knock Her out with A brick"
shes not laughing now
you can live a full life now that you know how to get what you want.
by The crazy man January 15, 2008
A derogatory term for a homosexual
Whoa look at those two on the bed, Yeah hes a colon cowboy and so is he.
by the crazy man March 07, 2008
This is a truck not like any other most comonly a two wheel drive chevy or ford in a primer color with big tires and either hockey pucks or blocks of wood for a lift allowing them to stuff the biggest mud tires in it they can to make it look like a 4x4 usually has a gun rack a boom box a 4 wheeler or snomobile in the bed for extra traction maybey even an old air conditioner hanging out of the sliding rear window possibly a confederate or us flag and lots of sticker to reflect true personality.
hey look at that yeah its a true redneck truck only a redneck puts 33 inch gumbo mudders on a two wheel drive chevy truck.
by the crazy man April 10, 2009
this is a really nasty surprise to the unsuspecting victim in wich you place your balls on their forehead and errection down their nose and ejaculate on thier face resembling a roman helmet but seamen has rushed out on to the victims face
last nite after my girl passed out I gave her a russian war helmet I was only aiming for a roman helmet but i got a little excited and it kinda rushed out
by the crazy man September 27, 2007
a sick jesture of ones taste in women or should i say girls this meaning that the man making the comment likes girls very young "pre puburty" a term used by one who is a pervert or pedophile and is not bashful about it and maybey proud of it a real sicko would say this, basically it means you like little girls.
i was sitting at a bar one nite talking to this guy twice my age when a 23 year old very cute girl that was a good freind of mine sat down for a little chat as she walked away and i watched her he replied cute but to old i said what shes only 23 and he replied " i like my steaks rare " and i thought what a sick bastard. later that nite i went homeand went online and checked the local sex offender registry but he wasnt on it yet
by the crazy man October 03, 2007
Derogatory for Masturbating
hey whats going on are you smashing your carrot I knew i shoulndt have let you look at that nuddie mag
by the crazy man April 01, 2007
this is a term describing a person who picks and chooses his jobs usually taking the gravy work for himself and leaving the shity work for all the others picking through the pile or whatever
he was picking through the pile of work orders so he could find the car he would flat rate the most time in the least time and when they caught him they said hey dont pick through the pile you fucking sifter
by the crazy man October 30, 2007

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